There is a legend in Europe, on the streets of the great cities. The name is whispered in the alleyways, talked about in the artist quarters and spreads like wildfire whenever he plays. Fat Cat is in town!

The coolest mog on the block, Fat Cat spent his early years moving from city to city, looking for other cats to meowl with. His travels took him from the smoky jazz bars of Paris to the sweaty rock clubs of Hamburg and underground blues joints in Warsaw.

He started out moonlight caterwauling in the countryside of the Baltic States. After a series of unforgettable summer festivals in Austria and the Black Forest, a hunger for fresh beats drew him to the cities. In Hamburg, he quickly gained a reputation for being a cool cat. He would play with anyone, young and old, beginner or maestro, learning everything he could. He loved bringing music to the streets, making sure everyone could enjoy an all-night dance.

It was in Paris that he found an old piano and started playing keys for The Spice Cats. He made his first drum kit out of bin lids and old paint pots and very quickly gained a reputation for neo-jazz and crazy cat-beats. After meeting B.B. Lion King in Warsaw, he discovered a natural talent for blues and pop guitar and ended up in London playing lead for Billy Meowlish. 

It was here that the mystery started. Fat Cat seemed to have an ability to be in two places at once. He could be seen drumming hard rock in the back streets of Piccadilly when someone else would swear they had seen him jazzing it up in Camden.

The mystery only deepened. Over the next few years, Fat Cat’s skills became the stuff of legends. His claw style shredding could be heard from Riga to Madrid, often two or three cities in a night!

Fusing RnB flavors with pop and funk undertones, Fat Cat is one of those rare felines that everyone wants to work with. A multi-instrumental, multi-genre, funktastical cat-beat monster! Many have said that his skills come from his friendly nature and his love for people and music whilst others say it is because music is in his blood.


To my fellow music lovers and cat fans,

I am so excited to be here presenting a new era of my life and music. I have played in some crazy places across Europe and meowled with some of the finest cats and dogs across the continent. My life has been rich with stories and adventures that I cannot help but write into songs and share with you all. Sometimes I am so excited about the music, I don’t even have time for a catnap!

It has always been a joy of mine to meet new people and have a wild life. In my journeys, I have realised that the finest art is the one that is shared with love and passion. My stories are from real life. They come from you all, my friends, family and cat fans. We dance, cry and meowl as one collective experience.

My songs exist to make you happy, to connect to your hearts, your tears, laughter and joy. You all are so different – young and old, tabby, black, patchwork and white, cats and dogs, hedgehogs and rats – but there is one common thing that unites us and that is the love of music.

Enjoy the experience. It is enough that you just listen but my cat family loves to share experiences, videos, songs and laughter. You know what to do if you feel inspired to follow me.

The joy starts with you. It is a pleasure to come to you upon all the stages of the world. Thank you for your love and support.

Fat Cat.