Fat Cat Affair released their fourth single “I Wonder” on 24th January 2023.

“One of my most poignant songs to date…” says Fat Cat, “I wrote this with a fellow band member as a tribute to a beautiful singer we used to work with. The track is a memorial of sorts, a homage to love lost and opportunities missed.”

“I Wonder” is a smooth, soulful, RnB collaboration with gospel undertones. Vocals were recorded in Japan by the very talented American singer, Costie Payne. The main track was recorded in Riga and features an appearance from younger members of the Riga Cathedral Choir School. Fat Cat invited other musicians on board to help arrange and polish the track, adding new sections and a drum track.

This is not the first time that Fat Cat has worked with Costie. Having previously arranged one of Payne’s uplifting pop songs for an acoustic jazzanova session, Fat Cat was drawn back to Costie’s dulcet tones and indomitable style.

Fat Cat is one of those rare felines that everyone wants to work with. A multi-instrumental, multi-genre, funktastical cat-beat monster! Fat Cat loves working with other people and every Fat Cat project has a featured artist.

An international cat of mystery, Fat Cat has spent years touring Europe, moving from city to city. He has lived and worked in the smoky jazz bars of Paris, the sweaty rock clubs of Hamburg, underground blues joints in Warsaw and been part of the new cool in Camden, London.

Listen it here "I Wonder"


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