“I am driven by a good tune and great lyrics.”

Interviewer: If you hadn’t become a musician, where would you be now?

Fat Cat: In all honesty, I would probably be curled up by a big fire. I love music but the reason I am so focused is because I take so many catnaps. I love a good fire and a little tickle behind the ears. I would probably have a nap right now if you weren’t here.

Interviewer: Which musician would you most like to collaborate with?

Fat Cat: When I was growing up, I used to listen to Paul McCatney and Cat Stevens. They were really great song writers but at the moment, I am really loving some of the more contemporary artists like Billy Meowlish. We have worked together before and I would love to write another song with her. The chemistry is electric!

Interviewer:   What first got you into music?

Fat Cat: I remember starry nights deep in the old forests of northern Europe. I was just a kitten but at night, my mother used to sing us to sleep and those melodies have stayed with me always. I am driven by a good tune and great lyrics.

Interviewer: What is your favorite thing to do apart from playing music?

Fat Cat: Apart from taking naps you mean? Well, I love hanging with people and hearing their stories. I have a lot of friends. Talking comes easy to me and many of my songs have been inspired by the hopes, dreams and dramas of the people I have known.         

Interviewer: What is the most useless talent you have?

Fat Cat: I can run up a drain pipe… 

Interviewer: Do you ever sing in the shower and what do you sing?

Fat Cat: Well, you know, I am not really into showers. I never really liked them. I am more of a paw behind the ear kind of guy. But I do love to hum a song when I am having a wash. I guess the song I always find myself singing is We Will Rock You by Queen.

Interviewer: What was your favorite venue to ever play? (And your worst?)

Fat Cat: Paws down, the best stage I ever played was in Paris. It was a little jazz club in the artist’s quarter, up in Montmartre. Except we didn’t just play jazz. Everyone there could play something. Soul, pop, blues, you name it, we were playing it. The vibe was off the scale! And the worst venue was probably this dark little pub in Soho in London. I can’t remember the name but I went there expecting to play some crazy cat-beats and neo-soul but the crowd wanted heavy metal. It was a disaster.

Interviewer: What is the most trouble you have ever been in?

Fat Cat: I am not sure I can comment. You will have to listen to some of my songs and figure that out yourself.

Interviewer: What drives you?

Fat Cat: It is a combination of the melody and the stories. As I said, I love talking to people, hearing about their lives, but I also love turning those stories into art. I can hear melodies in my head all the time. Life is music. Music is life.

Interviewer: Have you got a message for your fans?

Fat Cat: You have to grab the opportunities when you get them. Feed your soul. Go out and create what you need to create!

Interviewer: Finally, many have often wondered at your ability to play two or three gigs in one night. Can you tell us how you do it?

 Fat Cat: Now that would be telling. All I can say is that I am a cat. What kind of cat would I be without a little mystery?!