Romantic Pop Ballad "Up At Dawn" is OUT!

Fat Cat released his third single “Up At Dawn” on 18th November 2022.

“This one is really close to my heart!” says Fat Cat, an extraordinary artist from Europe. “After leaving my hometown many years ago, I went on the road, playing anywhere and everywhere. I was inspired by this girl I once met and coupled it with an old melody and some chords that a friend of mine wrote a long time ago. I rewrote the lyrics, added a few sections and here we are!”

The coolest mog on the block, Fat Cat spent his early years moving from city to city, looking for other cats to meowl with. His travels took him from the smoky jazz bars of Paris to the sweaty rock clubs of Hamburg and underground blues joints in Warsaw.

Fat Cat is one of those rare felines that everyone wants to work with. A multi-instrumental, multi-genre, funktastical cat-beat monster! Fat Cat loves working with other people and every Fat Cat project has a featured artist.

Clay Agnew, vocalist and producer at Foxchase and Sunrise Skater Kids, and the lead singer of “Up At Dawn” says he loved working on this track with Fat Cat and the band.

Up At Dawn is a romantic Bedroom Pop song inspired by Fat Cat’s travels across Europe. It is about finding a purpose again, being inspired by someone and falling in love with the moment. The full story is available on the Fat Cat Affair website and social networks.

After three releases, what more can we expect from Fat Cat? There is no end in sight to the line-up of songs planned, with some great collaborations and partnerships on the horizon.

If you still haven't heard it, listen now here "Up At Dawn"

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