"I don"t plan anything as I live in the present."

Interview with Nishant Varna from the "SINUSOIDAL MUSIC" blog about the song "Up At Dawn" and even more.

If you haven't heard yet song "Up At Dawn", listen to it here


If you own a cat, look at him/her. Doesn’t seem like they do much, do they? Fat Cat Affair is different, this cat can play. Not only that, there is a vigour and curiosity for what lies down the line for them. With Up at Dawn, this artist brings the sweet sensation of R&B with some guitar melodies that will stay with you long after the song is over. This time, curiosity favors the cat.

Opening with a groovy and simple acoustic guitar riff, the vocals really imbibe the emotion. They are gentle and humbling, creating this plush atmosphere of comfort and care. Featuring Clay Agnew, this song organically crafts its way to the chorus. As the rhythm builds up, the drums and piano flourishes enter, treating us to an array of inviting sounds. I also got to ask this feline music fiend about the journey they’ve taken:

Your compositions merge the playfulness with the reality that binds us. How do you bring that gentle balance with every track?

FAT CAT AFFAIR. My love of music and people are the bridge that connects the story with the song. They come from situations I cross and people I meet. Everything in the song is real, in each song, real-life stories are inspired by real life. 

Your single Eyes Full of Tears has been your best work, so far. What element of the 80s-soaked track do you think people connected with most?

FAT CAT AFFAIR. I can’t really answer this question. Most probably the fans love this song because they love RnB from the late 80s and early 90s. That’s when my story began and when I wrote this song. I left my home country and started my musical journey across Europe. 

Leaping across the world

FAT CAT AFFAIR. The strength in the verse vocals and switch to the fluidic falsetto is an impressive skip. It shows not only the vocal range of a cat you never had any idea about but also how well the emotive state transpires within such lyrics. The bridge draws out to a vulnerable pocket of lyrics with a niche of thought. The following guitar solo is an 80s guitar foreword with a lot of souls. Fat Cat Affair sure does know how to put the pieces together.

The enigma remains in the identity. Are you comfortable with it slowly sliding away as you get more popular? Or do you think this helps to look at the music more than the face behind it?

FAT CAT AFFAIR. There is no enigma in my reality. I am a cat and I can’t change who I am.  Some say I am an international cat of mystery, and I have been known to play more than one gig in a night. But that is my natural cat-ness. If I get more popular, I will play with more people. That has always been my goal. Music is the reason for all seasons.

What projects do you have planned down the line?

FAT CAT AFFAIR. Cats don’t plan anything, as we live in the present. But I am working with my fellow cats and guest musicians towards a new album called Moon Songs.

Composing as a cat

 Are there certain inspirations that give you direction when you have artist’s block?

FAT CAT AFFAIR. Well, the thing with writer’s block is that it happens when you think too much about the past or the future. I am a cat and everything is happening now. I never have a block about anything. If I want a nap, I nap. When hungry, I snack. If I need to write a song, I write it.

Life is so interesting and there are so many stories and fascinating people around, there is always something to write about. I could write a song about this interview if you want? Give me a word for the title of the song!

We can’t wait for what Moon Songs has to bring, musically and as an experience. As for that song about the interview, we’d love to hear a song called Leap of Faith. Now, will the cat deliver if there were to be a song like this? I don’t doubt it. 


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